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Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll move.

Hi assalamualaikum :)
And so it's been a long time my blog didn't get my attention. I'm sorry.
I've move to tumblr. And now all about tumblr. Heee  
I'll post every second and it's about life, love, and etc. 
I mean not just a picture, but I'll post what on my mind and what I feels.
Nahhh. Go check it out baby.
Awak comel sangat lah !

Haha. Kinda annoying.
So, I'll tell you about my life. 
I've been hurt too much. And I pretend that I'm okay.

Hide all the pain and smile like nothing hurt me. Seriously, it's hurt.
I keep this in my heart , i don't have anybody to talk to. Crying on late night.
Makes a fake smile. And lie to those who asked me about my eyes. "I'm just awake from sleep"
Pathetic isn't ? Okay. I'm not a attention seeker. 
It's started with Twitter. Well , the anon says "Couple on facebook, curang at Twitter"
Awww baby , you're so brilliant. It's true as fuck. Idk, whether my jealous is too much or what.
But boy , can you even understand me ? Chat with other girls. I know it's okay but okay.
Hmmmmmmmm.. It's hurt. Nevermind.
I'll try my best to keep this on my heart. I know you do not even read this. 
Yayyyy ! Happy for me. And for you. *fake smile*
I know that I'm change. Do yknow why ? PAIN.
The pain have change everything. I'm okay.
I miss you alot. I hope you so. 
Don't you ever make me tired. I'll ruin everything.
Bye xx.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello readers. So yeah , long time no updated haa..
Shoooooorry :'> *lap hingush*
Ermm... Well it's 24 Nov 2011 already. Holiday just came around and make my day. Make my day ?
Ewwwwwww .

Yeahhh , this is what we called hell \m/ 
So like usual , Im awake at 6.50 a.m and give support to my ijat. Okay now, he's having his SPM. 
Good luck sayang , do your best and bla bla bla... Haha. I miss him.
And yeah like usual me and sarah had a fight. She's too lazy and I was exhausted of her.
Be a good girl please my little sister. I'm tired enough :')
She "koyakkan" my beloved bear and my supreme t-shirt. I'm crying like a child.
So that tomorrow , i decide to hanging out with my boy. We had a lot of fun, like seriously.
My cheeks got "krem" because of his silly jokes. I love you boy.
We watched MV of Katy Perry - The one that got away together. K i feel awkward you know :> Haha.
Smile ang laugh all day long. He. Makes. My. Day.
Ohh i got home at 6.30 p.m. Hew hew :'>
And ibu just nodded. Im sorry bu...
Everyday i"ll tidy up my house. From the bedroom until kitchen.
Arghhhhh u_u K aisha chill lah . You can stand it ! 
So yeah , my routine. Fuckin bored to the hell.
And actually , i miss my sisters , cousin , friends. :(
And this.

I miss you *yelling* 

My excited face :] Haha.
Quite funny isn't it ?

Okay , ini ijat yang suruh buat. Hahahaha
He's said this is cute blablabla. 
You're a liar Jat. Hahaha.

The end. Start your day with smile and thanked to Him because you still alive :-)
Have a nice holiday. See yaa ! Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good luck for SPM Candidates 2011 :)

Assalamualaikum guys .
First of all , i wanna wish all form 5 student , Good luck for your SPM .
Do the best , make your parents proud of you .
K , idk what to say . HAHA .
Err , so lame . This is awkward . Kbai :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Im just fine .

Hi guys , morning post ! Hihi . Its 4.39 a.m already , but I can't sleep .
Yaaa... Actually we had some fight , between me and him :-/ I wish I could see him right now.
Long story you know , first skype-ing with him and we talked a lot until we got awkward . Ha ha
Then he asked me something bla bla bla bla . Then i just shut my mouth off :(
Yaaa... Imma stupid then I prefer to end the call without any wish or something lovey dovey .
Well , I take my nap and after that I read his tweet , bla bla bla . I get jealous :-/ 
And yaa.. Im tweeting with another guys , make him jelly . Bla bla bla . Oh god , im acting like a baby you know . Darn me ! x_x That time I knew that he keep onl , but we dont talked to each other , doing our own job -.- 
After that , i opened his Tumblr and stalked him . LOL . That was my partime job n_nV
And yeah , I find something that make me upset . Lol . I've read the post in tears you know .
TF me , that was terrible post you did boy . And after that im crying nonstop and keep covered from my sister . Haha . The hell , she must laughed at me , keep asking me stupid question and gonna tell this to ibu .
 So yeah , im in tears T-T

Yayyyy for me , for what i've done to him . Two thumbs up for Aishah u_u Urgh , im really upset by now .
He deactive his twitter account . Yeah , i can't barely breath . So, i decide to opened my facebook . I read his status . He said that he want to study even it is late already , urm around 1.30 a.m... So, i don't even want to bother him because he gonna take SPM this year . And wait for him until now . But i knew , he's already sleep. Lame me e_e . Wuwuwu... So i decide to kee[ online my Facebook , Twitter , and Tumblr because of him . Yaaa... sounds dumb , but the truth i miss him so much . Boy , my apologize AGAIN and AGAIN . 
Imma bad girl aite ? Useless . Hey Izzat , sleep tight , have a nice dream and good night . Ohh , its morning already n_n Erm.. I miss you . Makesure this friday we'll meet up ! MAKESURE ! 
Whatever I do , please don't leave me . Please remember our promise boy :-)
Thankyou for stay calm with my bad attitude , muahh my boy <3 

Thankyou for my follower at twitter who's keep wishin me "Stay strong , chill , and wtv" Loveyou guys xx.

Today was the second day of Hari Raya Aidiladha , Im just stayed at home . Make more fatty body and cheeks . Oh LOL , when im says at him "iDiet" He will laughed at me . And I was like Wthefck you dude , hahahaha... 
Lol , i miss him . K at home I helped ibu cooked all stuffs of food and yeah I dah pandai masak ayam masak merah tau uolls ! n_nV Proud to be me , and we cooked Nasi minyak . Sounds great aite ? Hee.. 
Ahh , I love when we're together enjoyed the food with Ibu , Kak Husna , Kak Zulfa and Sar... Ohh , i don't want write her name . Haha . Imma bad sister >:) Lelelee.... I dont care , she's more evil than me . Ha ha ha
Done ate  , im skype-ing with him and we had fighted . So at Maghrib , I helped ibu makes "Kuih Gunting" Haha 
Sounds awesome :D hehe . Just me and ibu , all my kakak was gone -__- busy with twitter , texting , facebook and wtv . FTW . Yayy , im done with all the stuff and yeah . Tweeting tumblr-ing , and suddenly that was happened :-) So yeah , end up here . Keep calm and cool . Appriciate your FAMILY , BUDDYS and Partner . 

Im afraid to loose you . Please dont you ever say that words again . PLEASE T-T

Stay strong , its 5.35 a.m already . And i listening to 5O'clock by Lily Allen.. Hah , good for me . 
Gonna take a rest , i do love you Izzat since our first meet :-)
Takecare yourself reader . Assalamualaikum xx 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Eid Adha !

Assalamualaikum guys !
So , the point i make this post is want to wish every muslims in the earth Happy Eid Adha a.k.a Hari Raya Korban.
Hello cows and goats , nice to eat you :D haha . Takboleh kesian kesian , nnti kita tak boleh makan.
Erm ermm... So this ;D

I knew its been late to wish , but at least I wish kan kan ? n_n 
Ohh, tadi i was going to perform Solat Hari Raya , it was great even i took three hours to sleep at that night. Hew hew , busy with Twitter and Tumblr . Yeah , i can't stop tweeting lately . I cant control myself -__-
Lol , at mosque or surau , we got 7 or 8 cows . Haa... Both of them looks like super fatty cow ! 
Haa.. Tu yang sodap tuu ^^y
Okay , at 9 a.m , Im done solat raya at surau. Back home , keep tweeting , go to the kitchen find some food . Yayyy ! Ibu cooks some superlicious food ! Masalodeh (Idk how to spell it -.-) Kuah kacang , and wtv . Hahhh , guess what . I took my breakfast at 10 a.m , took my lunch at 1.30 p.m and again and again ! Harhar 
Thumbs up for me aite ! Fatty girl , yes its me ;D
And after having my breakfast , as usual keep tweeting and yaa skype-ing with my boyyie </3
Omg omg ! Men's look very handsome in baju melayu :D so do my boy ! Hehee 

Haha , Okay guys . To me he is a cute boy ^^v Peace yoo... It was nice to see your smile .
Melting makk , hehe . Ahaa.. actually yesterday we had a fight . That was terrible ever .

Fight of something stupid , ergh . Okay , im so dumb '_'
Get jealous of everything , im ruin everything . Haha . My apologize boy :)
So yeah , Happy Eid Adha to all muslims in this earth ! 

From me Siti Aishah Binti Sabri , love you my stalker xx 
Have a blast one ^^y , dahh nak mencekik lagi n_n hehe
*sorry if my british accent was bad and make me like a fool , im just learning from my mistakes. So keep advices me :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best day eva ^^Y

Hi my little stalker :D
Ai rasa nak update blog , so i pun bukak lah kan kan... Can I ? Ofcourse i can , i know my sweet stalker miss me aite ? Omomoo~ muahhh sikit :* Ha ha ha . Me is sooo perasan :3
Who's care , ohh.. You cares ! haha .
Okay , me talk nonsense banyak plak '_' 
I miss yesterday ! A lot okay ! nuff said .
29 Oct , yeay... Haha . Me with my lobely boyyie went to Klcc for watched Paranormal Activity 3 .
Hehee... Keluar rumah pukul 11 balik pukul 10 malam . Thumbs up for this good girl '_'
We had alot of fun okay ! haha . First , makan mcd bawah pokok... Erm ,U know ? Ala ala orang berkelah tuu... HAHAHA . No lah , act nak makan kat dlm klcc tapi food court full of fish . So, pergi luar makan kat bwh pokok tengok cleaner bersihkan kolam.. Hahaha . It was funny and then pukul 3 lebih tuu gerak tgok movie... Paranormal Activity 3 okay jugak laa , just banyak part nak bagi orang yg sakit jantung mati kat situ jugak . LOL . Best jugak laaa smpai ai takut nak mandi sebab teringat Bloody Mary -__- Haha . Teringat kot . Habis pukul 5 , tetiba rasa mcm nak tengok barang plak kat TS . Hehee... Ai takda laa kaya mano nak beli semua barang kat Pavi ^^y hehe.. Nak beli ring dkt Forever 21 wehhhh ! Okay , back to the top... Kiterg jalan laa kan while bergurau senda . Muahahahaha.. Atotoo , kau fikir sweet ahh sha ? Orang geli kot . Hehe . Ikr :p 
Dah smpai Ts tuu , omaigod ! banyak nyaa baju cantik . Nak beli tapi sayang duit . haha . Banyak kali ai tanya izzat . ''Ehh , nak beli ke tak weh ? I sayang duit ahh T-T'' then many times he answered me with ''Suka hati you lah , duit you kan'' Haha . Muka dia sumpah mcm penat dah tawaf satu Ts tuuu , shiann shayang ai tu haa.. haha . Last last , i bought kemeja purple . Teringat masa nak try baju tu , okay segan gila okay ! hahaha :')
Dah pukul 7 tuu balik klcc , terus balik . Haha , nasib baik tak salah train . Gila apa...
Dekat ktm weh , Full of fuck . Muka semua menakutkan doh . hahaha 
Dapat train pukul 8.30 , ohh holy shit sangat masa tu ! haha. And bila ai tanya '' You penat tak ni ?'' the answered will be "Tak". LOL . Menipu lebih si izzat ni , muka dah macam ikan bilis dah aku tengok . HAHA.  Time dlm train full sangat mcm sardin expired . Time boleh plak izzat bersembang dgn budak seremban . Hahaha. Aku dah laa pening '__'
Duduk diam jee sebelah tuu , haha . Smpai kajang , beli cool blog kak mok . Balik rumah :'>
Okay , best sangat . Act biasa jee doh , hahaha .

Kan haritu ai teman dia buat homework kan , here is it :3 hahaha 
k enough , goodbye stalker . Sorry , bosan :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye SMA

God for sake , SMA was finished . FIUUUU~ *lap peluh*
Lets get party , muahaha . Actually , final exam tak habis lagi :3 HAHA
Kisah apa kannn... Okay , kena kisah lah sha !
So sekarang , i've to focus 24/7 on SPM . Gila okay gila .
Tak gila mana pun sebenarnya , saja buat gempak . Sha , tak gempak okay ! Please stop it , kau ni annoying okay . Shiannn my stalker :b hehee... 
Ermm... Nak cite apa ehh ? Lalalalalaaaa~
Okay , nothing much to say , im speechless .
Lama tak update blog , i miss my blog :D
Shiannnn dia tu haa kena tinggal dgn owner dia :'>
Okay okay , ibu cakap aishah kena masuk tusyen bila dah habis form 4 ni .
And and , I was like :DDD Heheee.... Me loike it okay !
Spm next year , i've to struggle more than before . 
Next week , i have 3 more subjects . Ekonomi asas , Pendidikan Al-Quran dan Assunah and Bahasa Arab !
Haaa... kau hado jahh ? Tak kan ? Takde , tutup mulut kau . Jahat nya shaa..
Ya ya ya , boring kan ?? hahaha .
Ehh , cite dah habis lah awak . Ai nak teman boypreng ai buat homework kat Mcd lah .
Bye sweet stalker :D 

Jap jappp ! Kita nak ring ni pleaseeeeeee *cebik bibir.jpg*
Phelishhhhhhh :'> Forever 21 , wait for me okay :*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Webcam :D

Hi people ! :D
Lama kan tak update blog ? hihi . 
Sorry uolls , makk takdoo masa :3
So so so so , nak story apa ehh ? Haaaaa..... IDK .
Okay , story pasal yg lately lah...
Semalam kita jumpa big brotha kita lerrrr <3 heeee
Like usually , tempat rasmi . McD -__- haha
Upgrade jugak laa tuu kan , kisah apa makkk . Actually , nak pergi mcd kajang pastu bila dah smpai memang kau... Full of fish , kdahbai .
Dengan panasnyaaa , bnyk dosa camtu ahh , haha . Then bila dah malas sangat , kiterg gerak mcd semenyih . Haaa... Aman damai , tenteram lagi.... Kau hado ? Private paling penting , haha . K joke 
Dah smpai tuu haa... Sha bukak lappy tau , then acano plak tak boleh online...
The fish laa kan masa tuu , pastu last last bukak Angrybird >( hihi
Izzat mainkan , Sha duduk sebelah cam tunggul kayu , i guess :3 hihi 
Pastu , kalau dia shot kat burung hijau hidung babi tuu tak kena , dia ckp "Ahh , shit !"
So , dah smpai pukul 5 lebih tuu... Titew nak bayik nanti mama titew mawaa :(
Kstopit sha , haaaa... masa ni wa suka derr . Hahaha 
Sha ajak dia main webcam , dia taknak . Haaa... last last , aku tarik dia :3 biar padan muka .
Hahaha , lama gak ahh sbb main bnda tuu jeeeee . 
Muka masing masing mintak cap ayam .
k dah habis tuu , kiterg balik . Pastu gaduh , hahaha .
Selalu camtu --' Take a look :D

Hahaha , wehhhhhh >.< 
Muka tak shenonoh semua ni haa..

Haha , i feel calm :')

Haaa.. muncung lagi smpai boleh buat penyangkut baju .

Yeay yeayyy ! Muka sha mcm cacat and he looks soooooo comel :D


Thats all lah , my little stalker .
See yaa next time , much love :* muahhhhh

Back to the top (:

Friday, September 30, 2011


it hurts even if it passes, trust me ... its fckin hurt :(
I know you already asked your apologize, even if i say ITS OKAY but its just a word. The pain is too deep. I need time

if a girl said "im okay" 
you better fucking worried about it . Its the truth , believe in me because im a girl :)
HEE . Lots of love <3

Hello Stalker .

Hey there stalker ! Long time no see yaa....
Whoaaaa, lama sangat sangat tak update , hihi . Actually , i 've nothing to say :/
Exam is around the corner , keje account lagi . Okay , bruhhhh i'm get really tired with all stupid stuff -__-
I need teacher for my account please , someoneeeeee :(
Ohh yaa.. Tomorrow , i must go study acc at McD Kajang .
 And my friend said "Eeleeeh , mcm masuk jee"
Pig -..-'' Kau tu prgi Mcd sbb ada niat lain memey lerrrr... 
Ya Allah.... Im messy with everything :(
K Assalamualaikum sweet stalker :')
Pray for my sake , aishah .

Friday, September 2, 2011

Raya Days

haaaa... uolls ! Selamat Hari Rayooo :D
Okay , happy gilerr dapat celebrate kat kampung Saba' Bernam :3
sumpah wa cakap best gilakkk do . hahaha
chill sha chill :')
first day raya , kitew punyee baju colour orange .
k , nak upload pic . Tapi apa kebangang bluetooth phone aku ni '___'
fakkk , banyak kot pic dlm phone aku =='
okay , first raya balik kampung .
Ya Allah , jumpa cousinnnn kite yang bushukkk plus plus nii >.<
rinduuuuu nyaaaaaaaaaah....
Raya second , okay...
BORING ------------------------
haha .
k , masa niii... i got sakit perut yang melampau -.- serious mcm nak nangissss .
pagi tuu , dlm pkol 4 pagi , terjaga and sakit perut . #lifeless
sha kejut ibu bangun , tandas belakang rumah woiii . Hahaa
keluar laa pepagi buta tuu dgn ibu .
okay , jamban mcm hantu kak limah balik rumah tu haa...
haaa.. kampung kau ade ? :b
hebakkk kannn... hihi :3
masa tuu yang ada dlm otak , hantu kak limah jee... hahahaha 
btw , thanks ibu temankan aisha . Jasamu dikenang :D haha
Raya third , okay .
hahaha :D
semua buat assignment sndri (kutip duit raya padahal) -.-
k dah besar pun tak mattured lagi , haha . korang pun sama .
jangan ingat aku taktau :b
malam tuu balik , haaa.... masa tuu dah sedih dahh :((
takpa takpa , ada jodoh jumpa lagi naaa.....
Aina , imissyousomuch okay .
This Nov datang kl k :D

 i miss my village , nenek , cousin and others so badly :/

my nyan nyann cousin , Aina .

Ya Allah , gonna miss this moment :|
hurhurhur :') 

okay , asyik kena bahan kat kampung psl Izzat =='
kakak and ibu tak habis menganjing manusia yg tak berdosa niii... haha
dengan takda line nyaaa... haha .
semua text , imissyou imissyou imissyou :3
hikhokkk >.<

okay , spoil jee raya first punya pic ''____"
grrrr .
k tuu je kot , have a nice raya uolls ! :D

back to the top (:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Eid !

whoaa... lama gilaaa tak update blog, sorry you alls :3
hmm... nak cite apa eh ? ntah ntahh , hohoo..

Pejam celik pejam celik, dah 29 hari kite puasa en en ? 
Haaa.... cepat nyaa masa berjalan merangkak bergolek berguling semuaaa :((
k rasa nak nangissss jeee.... mana tawu enn, Ramadan next year tak dapekk nak jumpa lagi .
Gonna miss Terawih badly , sahur , break the fasting together with family and friends.
Nnti tak dapat nak buat amalan banyak banyak dahh , cehh :3 hikhok 
Ohh yaa.. Gonna miss Bazaar Ramadan a.k.a heaven of food . O__o
Amagadd~ im starving pulak dahh , hahaa . *Kriukkk kriukkk 
k that sound from my stomach ahh ekseli :b hihih
Back to the top , yayaya The Naughty Setan dah nak kena lepas esokkk .
hmmm... kena kuatkan iman lepas niii . 
Act, harini plan nak balik kampung .
Ttbe ada problem , k tokk jadiii :D
My dad balik sorangg, we all and ibu balik Saba' Bernam kot after solat raya esok .
Really can't wait :D
Nak jumpa nenek , Aina, cousin , baby baby yg comelllll giler .
hihi :3 nak kiss sekor sekor :* haaa... rinduuuuu nyaaaa do :')
okay , afta that balik Kajang memang dah macam Mak Gajah ahh badan sha nii -_____-
Tolong masak tak sedap phewlishhh, kalau tak nnti I tambohhh banyak banyak kaliii . Haha .
Sounds stupid aite ? -.-t habislaa badan aku .
So , esok raya kan ? Insya-Allah :)

Im Siti Aishah binti Sabri , want to apologize to somebody that i make you hurt , touching , depressed , sad and anything else.... and nak wish Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all my beloved followers , friends , sweetio stalkers, and to all Muslims in da world :)
Enjoy this raya k guys , jangan nak main mercun sangat , putus jari tuu baru nak menyesal bagai -.-
Deserve you *two thumbs up :b 
Hihi , jahatnyaa aku . lalalaa~ and happy dgn family tecinta and orang tersayongg . hikhik :3
jangan gaduh gaduh , hentak pale sorang sorang nnti , hohoo..
kk , thats all from me .

Ohh, yaa... nak story 27 Aug 2011 , never forget that day <3
Awesome gilaaa kalau uolls nak tawu , hahahaa :D
Thanks for everything shayangg , teman shopping semua :D
LRT LRT <3 HAHA , stupid moment :3
i sayang you okay :)

kk, MUCH LOVE FROM ME . Babaiii , Assalamualaikum guys .
Selamat Hari Raya :)

kucing buatan ni pun nak celebrate raya jugokk , hihi :3
muahhhh muahhhh :* 

ps : Hopefully, our amalan in this honorable month is accepted and we'll meet again in next year.. AMIN :((

Ayah, drive safe and do takecare yourself :'(
First time raya takda ayah , im sorry for all what i've done :((
Gonna miss your "Heshhh , apa bising bising ni"
Selamat hari raya , En Sabri bin Ismail ;')

back to the top (:

Friday, August 26, 2011

hoiii ^-^

assalamualaikum and hey there stalkers !
okay , title tuu saja buat gimik , aku tawu korang takut :b 
hehehh :3 k sha perasan .
ammm... actually, sha taktau nak story apa sbb everything is getting perfect :D
and hell (Y) me like it <3 
hihihi .
kk , nak story test ape sume , SMA (sucks) 
haha , test ? miahahaa . okay lahh , i sukaaa gilaa do my result :)
SMA , hahhh.. jangan cakap , macam superfckinhell .
okay , faham faham jaaa... 
balik sch jumaat tadi , buat kerja rumah .
mop bilik , lap tingkap , basuh tandas , kemas ape sume .
okay , dah macam bibikkk .
haaa... nampak tak kerajinan sha disitu ? hohohh 
actually, sabtu ni nak hang out... so, kena laa kemas rumah duluu enn .
Nnti mulut ibu bising mengalahkan mesin blender . Hahaha 
kk, esokkkk ! Really cant wait haaaa...
shopping <3 

awwh , awesome awesome !
nakkkkkkkk sangottt :D
hehehh :3 
nak cari nak cari .
sha sabar shaa , excited gilaa kau -.-
kk , i just cant wait . teheee ;D
much love, babaiiii stalkers .

ps : petang tadi, you drive laju gila do... i taknak mati dulu tauu.. iloveyou,kbai :)

back to the top (: