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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello readers. So yeah , long time no updated haa..
Shoooooorry :'> *lap hingush*
Ermm... Well it's 24 Nov 2011 already. Holiday just came around and make my day. Make my day ?
Ewwwwwww .

Yeahhh , this is what we called hell \m/ 
So like usual , Im awake at 6.50 a.m and give support to my ijat. Okay now, he's having his SPM. 
Good luck sayang , do your best and bla bla bla... Haha. I miss him.
And yeah like usual me and sarah had a fight. She's too lazy and I was exhausted of her.
Be a good girl please my little sister. I'm tired enough :')
She "koyakkan" my beloved bear and my supreme t-shirt. I'm crying like a child.
So that tomorrow , i decide to hanging out with my boy. We had a lot of fun, like seriously.
My cheeks got "krem" because of his silly jokes. I love you boy.
We watched MV of Katy Perry - The one that got away together. K i feel awkward you know :> Haha.
Smile ang laugh all day long. He. Makes. My. Day.
Ohh i got home at 6.30 p.m. Hew hew :'>
And ibu just nodded. Im sorry bu...
Everyday i"ll tidy up my house. From the bedroom until kitchen.
Arghhhhh u_u K aisha chill lah . You can stand it ! 
So yeah , my routine. Fuckin bored to the hell.
And actually , i miss my sisters , cousin , friends. :(
And this.

I miss you *yelling* 

My excited face :] Haha.
Quite funny isn't it ?

Okay , ini ijat yang suruh buat. Hahahaha
He's said this is cute blablabla. 
You're a liar Jat. Hahaha.

The end. Start your day with smile and thanked to Him because you still alive :-)
Have a nice holiday. See yaa ! Assalamualaikum.

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  1. bebel jap..
    asal kecik sgt ..ssh aq nk bce
    then,comel ah !