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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello readers. So yeah , long time no updated haa..
Shoooooorry :'> *lap hingush*
Ermm... Well it's 24 Nov 2011 already. Holiday just came around and make my day. Make my day ?
Ewwwwwww .

Yeahhh , this is what we called hell \m/ 
So like usual , Im awake at 6.50 a.m and give support to my ijat. Okay now, he's having his SPM. 
Good luck sayang , do your best and bla bla bla... Haha. I miss him.
And yeah like usual me and sarah had a fight. She's too lazy and I was exhausted of her.
Be a good girl please my little sister. I'm tired enough :')
She "koyakkan" my beloved bear and my supreme t-shirt. I'm crying like a child.
So that tomorrow , i decide to hanging out with my boy. We had a lot of fun, like seriously.
My cheeks got "krem" because of his silly jokes. I love you boy.
We watched MV of Katy Perry - The one that got away together. K i feel awkward you know :> Haha.
Smile ang laugh all day long. He. Makes. My. Day.
Ohh i got home at 6.30 p.m. Hew hew :'>
And ibu just nodded. Im sorry bu...
Everyday i"ll tidy up my house. From the bedroom until kitchen.
Arghhhhh u_u K aisha chill lah . You can stand it ! 
So yeah , my routine. Fuckin bored to the hell.
And actually , i miss my sisters , cousin , friends. :(
And this.

I miss you *yelling* 

My excited face :] Haha.
Quite funny isn't it ?

Okay , ini ijat yang suruh buat. Hahahaha
He's said this is cute blablabla. 
You're a liar Jat. Hahaha.

The end. Start your day with smile and thanked to Him because you still alive :-)
Have a nice holiday. See yaa ! Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good luck for SPM Candidates 2011 :)

Assalamualaikum guys .
First of all , i wanna wish all form 5 student , Good luck for your SPM .
Do the best , make your parents proud of you .
K , idk what to say . HAHA .
Err , so lame . This is awkward . Kbai :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Im just fine .

Hi guys , morning post ! Hihi . Its 4.39 a.m already , but I can't sleep .
Yaaa... Actually we had some fight , between me and him :-/ I wish I could see him right now.
Long story you know , first skype-ing with him and we talked a lot until we got awkward . Ha ha
Then he asked me something bla bla bla bla . Then i just shut my mouth off :(
Yaaa... Imma stupid then I prefer to end the call without any wish or something lovey dovey .
Well , I take my nap and after that I read his tweet , bla bla bla . I get jealous :-/ 
And yaa.. Im tweeting with another guys , make him jelly . Bla bla bla . Oh god , im acting like a baby you know . Darn me ! x_x That time I knew that he keep onl , but we dont talked to each other , doing our own job -.- 
After that , i opened his Tumblr and stalked him . LOL . That was my partime job n_nV
And yeah , I find something that make me upset . Lol . I've read the post in tears you know .
TF me , that was terrible post you did boy . And after that im crying nonstop and keep covered from my sister . Haha . The hell , she must laughed at me , keep asking me stupid question and gonna tell this to ibu .
 So yeah , im in tears T-T

Yayyyy for me , for what i've done to him . Two thumbs up for Aishah u_u Urgh , im really upset by now .
He deactive his twitter account . Yeah , i can't barely breath . So, i decide to opened my facebook . I read his status . He said that he want to study even it is late already , urm around 1.30 a.m... So, i don't even want to bother him because he gonna take SPM this year . And wait for him until now . But i knew , he's already sleep. Lame me e_e . Wuwuwu... So i decide to kee[ online my Facebook , Twitter , and Tumblr because of him . Yaaa... sounds dumb , but the truth i miss him so much . Boy , my apologize AGAIN and AGAIN . 
Imma bad girl aite ? Useless . Hey Izzat , sleep tight , have a nice dream and good night . Ohh , its morning already n_n Erm.. I miss you . Makesure this friday we'll meet up ! MAKESURE ! 
Whatever I do , please don't leave me . Please remember our promise boy :-)
Thankyou for stay calm with my bad attitude , muahh my boy <3 

Thankyou for my follower at twitter who's keep wishin me "Stay strong , chill , and wtv" Loveyou guys xx.

Today was the second day of Hari Raya Aidiladha , Im just stayed at home . Make more fatty body and cheeks . Oh LOL , when im says at him "iDiet" He will laughed at me . And I was like Wthefck you dude , hahahaha... 
Lol , i miss him . K at home I helped ibu cooked all stuffs of food and yeah I dah pandai masak ayam masak merah tau uolls ! n_nV Proud to be me , and we cooked Nasi minyak . Sounds great aite ? Hee.. 
Ahh , I love when we're together enjoyed the food with Ibu , Kak Husna , Kak Zulfa and Sar... Ohh , i don't want write her name . Haha . Imma bad sister >:) Lelelee.... I dont care , she's more evil than me . Ha ha ha
Done ate  , im skype-ing with him and we had fighted . So at Maghrib , I helped ibu makes "Kuih Gunting" Haha 
Sounds awesome :D hehe . Just me and ibu , all my kakak was gone -__- busy with twitter , texting , facebook and wtv . FTW . Yayy , im done with all the stuff and yeah . Tweeting tumblr-ing , and suddenly that was happened :-) So yeah , end up here . Keep calm and cool . Appriciate your FAMILY , BUDDYS and Partner . 

Im afraid to loose you . Please dont you ever say that words again . PLEASE T-T

Stay strong , its 5.35 a.m already . And i listening to 5O'clock by Lily Allen.. Hah , good for me . 
Gonna take a rest , i do love you Izzat since our first meet :-)
Takecare yourself reader . Assalamualaikum xx 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Eid Adha !

Assalamualaikum guys !
So , the point i make this post is want to wish every muslims in the earth Happy Eid Adha a.k.a Hari Raya Korban.
Hello cows and goats , nice to eat you :D haha . Takboleh kesian kesian , nnti kita tak boleh makan.
Erm ermm... So this ;D

I knew its been late to wish , but at least I wish kan kan ? n_n 
Ohh, tadi i was going to perform Solat Hari Raya , it was great even i took three hours to sleep at that night. Hew hew , busy with Twitter and Tumblr . Yeah , i can't stop tweeting lately . I cant control myself -__-
Lol , at mosque or surau , we got 7 or 8 cows . Haa... Both of them looks like super fatty cow ! 
Haa.. Tu yang sodap tuu ^^y
Okay , at 9 a.m , Im done solat raya at surau. Back home , keep tweeting , go to the kitchen find some food . Yayyy ! Ibu cooks some superlicious food ! Masalodeh (Idk how to spell it -.-) Kuah kacang , and wtv . Hahhh , guess what . I took my breakfast at 10 a.m , took my lunch at 1.30 p.m and again and again ! Harhar 
Thumbs up for me aite ! Fatty girl , yes its me ;D
And after having my breakfast , as usual keep tweeting and yaa skype-ing with my boyyie </3
Omg omg ! Men's look very handsome in baju melayu :D so do my boy ! Hehee 

Haha , Okay guys . To me he is a cute boy ^^v Peace yoo... It was nice to see your smile .
Melting makk , hehe . Ahaa.. actually yesterday we had a fight . That was terrible ever .

Fight of something stupid , ergh . Okay , im so dumb '_'
Get jealous of everything , im ruin everything . Haha . My apologize boy :)
So yeah , Happy Eid Adha to all muslims in this earth ! 

From me Siti Aishah Binti Sabri , love you my stalker xx 
Have a blast one ^^y , dahh nak mencekik lagi n_n hehe
*sorry if my british accent was bad and make me like a fool , im just learning from my mistakes. So keep advices me :)