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Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll move.

Hi assalamualaikum :)
And so it's been a long time my blog didn't get my attention. I'm sorry.
I've move to tumblr. And now all about tumblr. Heee  
I'll post every second and it's about life, love, and etc. 
I mean not just a picture, but I'll post what on my mind and what I feels.
Nahhh. Go check it out baby.
Awak comel sangat lah !

Haha. Kinda annoying.
So, I'll tell you about my life. 
I've been hurt too much. And I pretend that I'm okay.

Hide all the pain and smile like nothing hurt me. Seriously, it's hurt.
I keep this in my heart , i don't have anybody to talk to. Crying on late night.
Makes a fake smile. And lie to those who asked me about my eyes. "I'm just awake from sleep"
Pathetic isn't ? Okay. I'm not a attention seeker. 
It's started with Twitter. Well , the anon says "Couple on facebook, curang at Twitter"
Awww baby , you're so brilliant. It's true as fuck. Idk, whether my jealous is too much or what.
But boy , can you even understand me ? Chat with other girls. I know it's okay but okay.
Hmmmmmmmm.. It's hurt. Nevermind.
I'll try my best to keep this on my heart. I know you do not even read this. 
Yayyyy ! Happy for me. And for you. *fake smile*
I know that I'm change. Do yknow why ? PAIN.
The pain have change everything. I'm okay.
I miss you alot. I hope you so. 
Don't you ever make me tired. I'll ruin everything.
Bye xx.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello readers. So yeah , long time no updated haa..
Shoooooorry :'> *lap hingush*
Ermm... Well it's 24 Nov 2011 already. Holiday just came around and make my day. Make my day ?
Ewwwwwww .

Yeahhh , this is what we called hell \m/ 
So like usual , Im awake at 6.50 a.m and give support to my ijat. Okay now, he's having his SPM. 
Good luck sayang , do your best and bla bla bla... Haha. I miss him.
And yeah like usual me and sarah had a fight. She's too lazy and I was exhausted of her.
Be a good girl please my little sister. I'm tired enough :')
She "koyakkan" my beloved bear and my supreme t-shirt. I'm crying like a child.
So that tomorrow , i decide to hanging out with my boy. We had a lot of fun, like seriously.
My cheeks got "krem" because of his silly jokes. I love you boy.
We watched MV of Katy Perry - The one that got away together. K i feel awkward you know :> Haha.
Smile ang laugh all day long. He. Makes. My. Day.
Ohh i got home at 6.30 p.m. Hew hew :'>
And ibu just nodded. Im sorry bu...
Everyday i"ll tidy up my house. From the bedroom until kitchen.
Arghhhhh u_u K aisha chill lah . You can stand it ! 
So yeah , my routine. Fuckin bored to the hell.
And actually , i miss my sisters , cousin , friends. :(
And this.

I miss you *yelling* 

My excited face :] Haha.
Quite funny isn't it ?

Okay , ini ijat yang suruh buat. Hahahaha
He's said this is cute blablabla. 
You're a liar Jat. Hahaha.

The end. Start your day with smile and thanked to Him because you still alive :-)
Have a nice holiday. See yaa ! Assalamualaikum.