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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Stalker .

Hey there stalker ! Long time no see yaa....
Whoaaaa, lama sangat sangat tak update , hihi . Actually , i 've nothing to say :/
Exam is around the corner , keje account lagi . Okay , bruhhhh i'm get really tired with all stupid stuff -__-
I need teacher for my account please , someoneeeeee :(
Ohh yaa.. Tomorrow , i must go study acc at McD Kajang .
 And my friend said "Eeleeeh , mcm masuk jee"
Pig -..-'' Kau tu prgi Mcd sbb ada niat lain memey lerrrr... 
Ya Allah.... Im messy with everything :(
K Assalamualaikum sweet stalker :')
Pray for my sake , aishah .

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